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Forensic Evidence collection.

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We strive to modernize Indian Law enforcement and Forensic Investigation for the betterment of the Indian Criminal Justice System and the Citizens of India. We believe in quality, cost-effectivity and functionality. It is therefore our mission to source the very best products and technologies that the world has to offer, and introduce them into the Indian Market. We primarily focus of Evidence Detection, Collection, Storage and Transport in various categories of Crime Scene Investigation, Narcotics Detection Kits, Explosive Detection Kits and much more. Our primary aim is to equip our Indian Investigating Officials with equipment and tools of the highest standard to increase the efficiency of Investigations in the field.

We aim to create, innovate, integrate and provide solutions in the sectors of forensic investigation, legal recourse and social welfare, for the betterment of our societies and countries.



We aim to transforming the process of DNA Evidence and Sample Collection, by further enabling our Law Enforcement, Medical, Medico-legal and Forensic Agencies with top-quality equipment and perfected guidelines that meet International standards. We also aim to propagate our in-house initiative, “AASHA” (Assault and Sexual Healthcare Assessment).

We aim at:


Providing high-quality equipment to Law Enforcement, Medical, Medico-legal and Forensic Agencies to aid them in Crime Ccene Investigation, Forensic Evidence Collection, Evidence Documentation Evidence Storage and Evidence Transportation.


The implementation DNA Evidence Collection Kits for Victims of Sexual assault in every Government Hospital and Emergency Response Centers to ensure the proper documentation of Forensic Evidence in Cases of Sexual Assault.


The implementation DNA Evidence Collection Kits for Crime Scene Investigation and Fingerprint Analysis in every Police Station for improved Crime Scene Assessment and Evidence Collection.


Providing a holistic solution through specially curated training modules for investigating officials and tracking systems for forensic evidence, in order to increase the efficiency and output of criminal investigations.




“Creative adaptability and
the yearning for self-improvement are
key to the successful modernization
and development of a Nation.”

SAANIYA MEHRA  |  Co-Founder


Our Story

Born out of the need to improve the Criminal Justice System in India, ADIRO is a dream that highlights the importance of upholding citizen safety and improving criminal justice systems. Founded in India, a Country  that represents diversity and is filled  with  a  plethora  of  cultures,  we  have  always  found inspiration  to  design and implement changes that are relevant to the  the  environment and world  we live in.  ADIRO Labs. is a  spark  that is kindled by the needs of our developing nation. We  push  to  ideate,  innovate and implement  changes in the form of system interventions and products.  We aim to  contribute to and to equip the Indian Criminal Justice System, Law Enforcement Agencies, Forensic Science Departments and Healthcare Industries, with the best, top-quality and most cost-effective equipment and technologies that the world has to offer.


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