Q. how can i purchase the products featured on this website?

A. Please contact us through any of the contact information provided for more information on the cost and sales structure of all our products and we will be happy to assist you with all your queries. Our phone lines are functional everyday, including public holidays, from 8:00am to 9:00pm.
e: contact@adirolabs.com
t: (+91) 7977811217 / 7666620866 / 887986460

You can also use our “Contact Us” Page to drop us a message, and we will be sure to respond to your message within 24-36 Hours.


Q. can i customize a kit as per my special needs? if so, how can i do this?

A. There are certain Kits in our catalog that we can help you customize as per your special needs. Please contact us with your requirements using any of the above-mentioned methods and we will be than happy to assist you.


Q. WHat about training?

A. We have curated some special training modules curated by CFSL experts and DNA Collection experts from GE Healthcare to train Indian Medical and Investigating Police Officials. Our modules include demonstrations on how to identify, lift, safely store and transport DNA samples, hands-on interactions with sample kits that will help officials vividly visualize the procedure related to DNA Evidence collection, way-finding exercises to sensitize and include the hospital staff that are actively involved in directing the victim to the correct hospital wing upon arrival (exclusive to the Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Training Modules). We will also train officers on how to use the AASHA Tracking Application, as per Government Specifications, to better track the movement of collected DNA Samples.


Q. What is the aasha application? how can i access it?

A. The AASHA Application is a unique, secure, platform that helps track the movement of evidence once it has been collected. It is integrated with our AASHA DNA Evidence Collection Kits for Crime Scene Investigation and Sexual Assault Victim Evidence Collection. It is available free-of-cost on the Google Play Store for download by all Medical and Investigating Officials that are actively involved in evidence collection procedures. We also provide online assistance for all the officers using the application for the swift resolving of any doubts or queries related to the use of the AASHA App. or the evidence collection procedure.


Q. WHY are ADIRO Labs. pvt. ltd.’s products recommended for use in COMPARISON to other products available in the market?

A. 1. The AASHA Range of DNA Kits are unique, first-of-their-kind, patented products that have been developed with the sole intention of improving the criminal justice system in India. The kits have a Government-of-India-approved set of Guidelines, and an approved content list that states the exact quality specifications of each and every item present within the kit, ensuring that the kit is of the highest quality, and gives officers the maximum efficiency possible in the field. We strongly believe in the motto, “Quality comes First” due to which we pay the utmost attention to every stage of packaging our products, ensuring the sterility and sanctity of the equipment we provide. The AASHA DNA Kits are the only products that have been developed alongside esteemed, senior members of the Indian Forensic and Law Enforcement Government Departments, to ensure that the evidence collected remains viable and is permitted in the Court of Law. Our kits have been developed under these respected authorities from their prototype stage onward, to ensure that every aspect of the evidence collection process is paid attention to, to ensure that the officers using these kits have a seamless, efficient and positive experience with regard to the process of DNA Evidence and Sample Collection.

2. Quality Comes First. This is why we have sourced some of the very best technologies from around the World to aid our Investigating officers in fulfilling their duties of defending our nation. Our Fingerprinting, Explosives Detection, Narcotics Kits, etc. are of the highest quality and have been innovated by trusted companies that have been dominating the international market in this sector, for over 40 years.

We are open to suggestions, new ideas, and more importantly, we understand the importance of striking a perfect combination between our logistics, organization and planning. In other words, we strive to ensure that your orders are produced and delivered to you on time. We are open to collaborate with you to deliver products that you need to you, even if you do not find them on our catalog.


Q. ARE the products featured on this website the only products you provide ?

A. No. The products featured on this website are only the most popular, must-have products and solutions that we find relevant to today’s market. However, if you have a product/technology need that you have not been able to find on our website, then please feel free to contact us with your unique requirements on the contact information provided above, and rest-assured, we will get back to you with the best options available from around the globe.